Alpine Travel Drivers Lead The Way in Safety and Fuel-Efficiency

Alpine Travel is celebrating as more members of its driving team achieve GreenRoad Fleet Elite status. The Green Road advanced safety & telematics system continuously checks driving manoeuvres & helps improve fuel efficiency, and Alpine Travel’s drivers are leading the way in performance measurement after joining GreenRoad in 2012

Fleet Elite status is awarded to drivers when their driving safety, as reflected in GreenRoad’s objective driver Risk Scores, are exceptional for an entire year.  Alpine Travel’s drivers have been awarded Fleet Elite status and a special badge, under this comprehensive driving safety measurement program

The focus of the GreenRoad Driver Behaviour system is to achieve strong driver engagement and a personal desire to improve driving safety, supported by effective in-cab coaching and incentive schemes. To this end, the system provides real-time feedback to the driver, enabling self-correction in real-time to prevent incidents. In addition, the system calculates a cumulative Safety Score for each driver that becomes the basis for friendly competitions and bonuses

10 drivers are awardees, with two achieving gold awards, four achieving silver awards, and four achieving bronze awards. Five further members of the driving team are celebrating having achieved the Master Fleet Elite status for maintaining the gold rating for four or more consecutive years

“When we first began using GreenRoad in 2012, our goal was to minimise our carbon emissions and to improve the customer experience,” commented Mr. Chris Owens, Alpine Travel’s Managing Director. “But over time, we have achieved so much more”

“Within a short period of time, our ‘risky manoeuvres’ fell by 60%, and, with them, our incident levels, fuel usage and maintenance costs,” continued Mr. Owens. “Our drivers embrace the system and take pride in their improving safety scores, and I’m delighted to see so many of our drivers now achieving the Fleet Elite Awards, they are a credit to our organisation and continue to deliver impressive scores, demonstrating Alpine’s ongoing investment in our driving team”

About Alpine Travel

Alpine Travel, the largest independently-owned coach operator in North Wales, is a family-owned business that provides top-quality transportation services to local school authorities, private clients and chartered tour operators, while also operating open-top sightseeing buses, and marine Drive vintage tours. Alpine is a member of the Confederation of Passenger Transport and Coach Marque.

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