CoachMarque, the only recognised accreditation for coach travel, has grown to 54 members with the admission of Enterprise Travel of Darlington into the scheme. Enterprise is a member of the European Travel Group of companies - which includes existing CoachMarque member Durham City Coaches - and provides a wide variety of coach travel requirements, including local coach charter, home to school transport and extensive operations across Europe

Commenting at the presentation of the award (picture), Enterprise’s Managing Director, Kristian Collin said:

“Operating since 2015, Enterprise continues to place absolute importance on providing first-class customer service.  And as a result of receiving high levels of passenger satisfaction, coupled with many customer recommendations, we have been able to grow the business from five to eighteen vehicles”

Kristian continued:

“Rapid growth can sometimes raise concerns about quality, and CoachMarque is therefore an effective and reliable way to demonstrate to stakeholders that the business not only continues to maintain high standards, but has raised them to a level recognised as the industry’s benchmark

“CoachMarque also provides customers with an assurance that the internal operation, which if often unnoticed, is being approached in a competent manner too.  Gaining the CoachMarque accreditation on an accelerated timeline was only made possible by Kevin Keelan who joined Enterprise as Transport Manager in 2017

“Moving forward our main focus is on growing the touring side of the business.  We are confident that CoachMarque will facilitate discussions with new customers who are looking for new and credible partners”

Enterprise brings the number of members in CoachMarque to a record high in this its 21st anniversary year.  With interest in the scheme greater than ever before, CPT’s Coaching Manager, Andy Warrender, sees the increasingly competitive landscape in the industry as giving operators the impetus to do something which makes them stand out in the eyes of the customer

“CoachMarque has long represented something different to customers”, commented Andy

“It provides solid evidence that the operator they are considering has met rigorous standards not only with their fleet, but with every aspect of their contact with the customer, and in the case of tour operators, their customers as well.  The industry faces many challenges, and demonstrating to clients that your business has gone that extra mile is a real statement of commitment to customer satisfaction”

CoachMarque continues to grow and with significant interest from businesses across the UK, the growth of the scheme looks set to continue

For more detailed information or comment, please contact CPT on 020 7240 3131.


Notes to editors

  • CoachMarque is the only recognised accreditation scheme for coach travel in the UK. It is an independent body, administered by the Confederation of Passenger Transport, the trade association for the bus and coach industry in Great Britain
  • CoachMarque membership is based on an independent audit, completed on admission tot eh scheme and subsequently every two years. This is to ensure members have systems to ensure they meet and maintain a benchmark standard across a wide variety of areas concerning Customer service, the vehicles they operate, safety, compliance with legislation and staff training